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If you want an idea, trust us when we say we have way too many of them, stored away in the deepest corners of our mind, right next to the marshmallow covered spacesuit and the leprechaun that hoola hoops his way around the patio.

At Mind It Productions, we aim to become the voice of the brand you want us to represent and in that journey, we make sure that we strap you into our snazzy looking space shuttle and take you on the most exciting trip of your lives.

At Mind It Productions, we have many faces. From the conceptualization of the wackiest ideas conceivable to mankind to the sleek subtle echoes of corporate brand strategies that take the advertising world by storm, from random doodles that become lauded as works of art to intricate graphic design that knows no boundaries, from short films to reel life scripts in the making and from whispery movie narrations to good ol’ comic book humor.

Meet The Team


Ann Abraham

If she were one of Snow White’s seven dwarfs, she would definitely be the one named HAPPY. Always mind-numbingly happy. It can get nauseating for the team at times but the clients just love her. She always comes up with good ideas so yeah, that makes the rest of us really…happy. Oh and her National Award smiles back at us from the shelf all through the week. Yup, you read it right the first time – the 59th National Award.

Uniquely Creative
Film Direction

Raahil Kulshreshtha

You know that kid in class, who was always lost in his own world…taking things apart just to see how they were made in the first place. That’s Raahil for you – a technical prodigy by default and a innovations expert by experience. He always seems to have the answer and that makes us green with envy sometimes – the Hulk kind of green.

Technical Implementations
Visualized Artistry

Hereafter Studios

A global team of talented and motivated artists, aspiring to consistently create new and exciting content and experiences. Based out of Mumbai, India, Hereafter Studios is becoming one of the countries most sought after studios for cost effective and high quality content creation and video production.

Innovative Video Production
Quality Content

Hereafter Mills

The Hereafter Mills are hybrid innovations hubs born from the deepest corners of unique minds to address technology-driven audience engagement requirements. Our creative technologists have embarked on a journey together to fill the void left from the glaring lack of unique and engaging audience experiences. At Hereafter, we conceptualize, design, produce, and activate your brand’s promotional needs in a way that leaves a lasting impression the world over.

Technology Implementations And Innovations
Gaming and Experiential Software Development

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